About Pamela Way

Pamela comes from Fortune, Newfoundland and is a volunteer Hatha and Chair yoga instructor in the National Capital Region. She has an MSc in Occupational Health and Safety and is certified in Disaster and Emergency Management (EM) and EM Exercise Design. After suffering a severe fall down a ladder while in the Canadian Forces, Pamela developed a seizure disorder and underwent brain surgery. Her recovery was slow and hard. She healed herself with yoga and through a dedicated and disciplined healthy lifestyle. You will find her when she is not teaching or balancing rocks, either standing on her head, or her hands. She loves finding and “testing” out new ideas and ways to challenge herself and her students. She requires two things from people-that they smile, and when they fall, that they haul up their boot straps and get back up and keep trying no matter how hard it is or how long it takes! You can find out more information about Pamela and her journey at www.thristysnailyoga.com