Ayurveda For Grief And Loss

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How Ayurveda Can Help You Through Loss

Loss, grief, anxiety, depression, they have one thing in common: a feeling of hopelessness and of being alone in the world. So many of us have, or will, inevitably, at some point in the future, go through the pain of losing a loved one. Though often this happens through the death of a soul close to us, but even a relationship that has fallen apart can trigger the same emotional response. Ayurveda for grief may give some unexpected relief.

Yoga Inspired Holistic Grief Coach Nicky C Jones has been intimately working through this devastating feeling of loss after her mother and boyfriend where ripped from her live within just a few months from each other. Through this experience she has developed a 6 step program to work through your grief and reclaim joy in your life and it is her mission to help enrich the lives of those touched by loss.

Ayurveda For Grief

In This interview between Nicky and myself, Nicky asked me how the ancient healing system of Ayurveda addresses emotional trauma through herbs, diet and reconnection, and will give you some guidelines as to how to care for yourself during difficult times and tips on what can make you feel better.


Grief, depression, emotional trauma and upset is a difficult and uniquely different journey for each of us. Please be sure to reach out for guidance and support when you find yourself in a situation too difficult to handle by yourself


Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions in the comments below this post, or reach out to Nicky C Jones at NickyCJones.com, or contact me for a consultation on making Ayurveda part of your healing experience.

Claudia Richey is a Victoria, B.C. based Personal Trainer and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She is passionate about sharing her unique approach of training and eating according to ones Body-Mind Constitution with other health professionals as well as using it on an ongoing basis with her own clients to help them reach their goals!

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