What Is Ayurveda?

Often I hear the question What Is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga.  It is known and has been practiced in India and the Asian continent for the last 5000 years.In many European countries Ayurveda has as big a following as does Naturopathic medicine, Chiropractic and other bodywork practices, and Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Here in North America Ayurveda has recently made an appearance on Oprah and the Doctor OZ show. Ayurveda in the West has gotten big exposure through names like Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon.

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a body-mind system of medicine.  Not unlike traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda looks at the person not just as a physical body, but it recognizes that body-mind and emotion can’t be separated in the process of healing and maintaining health.

What Is Ayurveda? Ancient Healing Sciences | DoshaFit®

In Ayurveda we look at the body in a balanced way.  While modern medicine is based on the physical structure, Ayurveda is based on the energies behind that structure. Our physical and mental/emotional body consists of the elements, ether, air, fire, water, earth, that make up 3 dominant constitutional types, Doshas. These Doshas are specified as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Depending on what doshic type you are is how you are in the world, physically, mentally, emotionally.  Each dosha may have a tendency to create different in-balances in your system.  Pitta types tend to be more prone to inflammatory issues, whereas Vata types may suffer from stress disorders, or anxiety, and people with predominantly Kapha dosha may have a tendency to be overweight.

Even though some people are pre-dominantly a single doshic type, Vata, Pitta, or Kapha, in most cases we see combinations of two Doshas in one person, ie. Vata-Kapha, Pitta-Kapha, or vata-Pitta, sometimes even a tri-doshic type may occur when all three doshas are in equal proportion.

Knowing what doshic type you are is a big help to determine the best plan of action as food or herbs that will benefit one type may aggravate the other and therefore create more of an imbalance.  You can take our Dosha Quiz to learn more about Your Body-Mind Constitution.

Who can benefit from Ayurveda?

Anyone who wants to improve or maintain his or her good health can benefit from an Ayurvedic consultation.  Many people who suffer from chronic conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Stress conditions, Diabetes, Insomnia, chronic headaches, digestive Problems, Depression and Anxiety, or weight management and metabolic disorders have found relieve and improvement with the natural techniques Ayurveda has to offer.  Its aim is to balance the body-mind and bring it back to health.  With measures like dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, herbs, exercise, stress management techniques, and bodywork, ie Acupressure or Marma point therapy, great results can be achieved in the person who wants to gain better quality of life.

Your Ayurvedic Consultation is completely personalized to You.  You will be filling out a comprehensive health questionnaire and we will determine your Dosha, or Body-Mind Constitution.  This is very important in the course of health management.  No two individuals are alike and knowing your unique Dosha composition will help to create a plan that will help you feel good about your health again.

This is what you can expect in your Ayurvedic Consultation:

  • Determine Your Unique Body Type
  • Simple Life style suggestions & Changes You can implement right away
  • Guidance on Food that will support Your unique Body type
  • Guidance on everyday spices to use to correct your metabolism
  • Exercise Guidelines that will work for You, not against You!
  • Correct Imbalances
  • Create Optimal Health and Achieve Your Perfect Weight!
  • Address disease management

Your one­-on-­one session will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered, receive personalized recommendations for correcting any imbalances, and teach you how to create optimal health and fulfillment in your life.

For more information or to book an appointment for your Consultation fill in our convenient contact form.

Please note that Ayurvedic Consultations are also offered by Skype or Phone for those who don’t live in Victoria, B.C..

Claudia Richey is a Victoria, B.C. based Personal Trainer and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She is passionate about sharing her unique approach of training and eating according to ones Body-Mind Constitution with other health professionals as well as using it on an ongoing basis with her own clients to help them reach their goals!

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