From Coach To Zumba – A Transformation Story by Debbie Fowler

By Debbie Fowler, RYT,

From Coach To Zumba - A Transformation Story by Debbie Fowler

For many years I have struggled at the high end of my ‘ideal’ weight, occasionally tipping into overweight. Plagued by a lifetime of bad habits, losing weight was never an easy journey.  It took some time for me see the results of learning, training and practice and to realise it was not only about losing weight. It took the help of some pretty amazing teachers for transformation to take place.  Ultimately, it took my decision to embark on this journey and make changes.

There is no quick process or magic pill.  Just like learning a new language or dance routine, we have to start off slowly, with practice and steady progress.  It’s not just about setting goals, eating a better diet or trying to achieve the body you always wanted.  The results of transforming your lifestyle are much, much more than what we desire.

It was not until after a few years of practicing yoga & ayurveda that I realised my lifestyle was on a subtle and steady stream of transformation.   I realised that I was no longer only trying to lose weight.  I was embracing my whole being.  I was totally accepting myself.  The union of mind, spirit, body was coming to light, just how I was taught.  The union was the total acceptance of my complex human existence.  In order for me to transform, I had to accept my whole being.

Yoga asana & pranayama practice help me to maintain a strong and healthy body, yogic concepts help me to stay grounded, meditation paves the way to insight so I can understand what makes me tick (including my poor eating habits), bhakti & karma yoga nurture spirituality that connects me with others, and ayurveda reconnects me to nature and a unique understanding of my being.

Weaving together the practices of yoga and ayurveda I am learning to embrace my whole being – the loving, kind and aware being as well as the one that eats donuts, drinks beer and swears.  Although nowadays I do more loving awareness than drinking beer and eating donuts, acceptance of all of these is part of the process.

One of the best turning points for me was the Train Right For Your Type course.  I found out about DoshaFit® just at the right time in my life when I needed that extra boost.  The course aligned the information I had previously learned, reassuring me that I was on the right track. This newfound knowledge completely enhanced my practice and guided me to seriously using this system on myself so I could be prepared to help others.

The mysteries of Ayurveda started to unravel for me. It was fun and interesting to discover my Kapha dosha, to learn how to recognise imbalances and what to do to improve health and wellbeing.  This holistic approach to transforming my lifestyle went hand in hand with embracing my whole being.

From Coach To Zumba - A Transformation Story by Debbie FowlerNow I eat to live not live to eat, choosing food that is right for my dosha and offers optimum nutrition.  One fun technique I use is to break up with bad food like a bad boyfriend.  When I go to Time Hortons with friends I can look at the temptation on the other side of the glass cabinet and say – ‘No donut, you are detrimental to my health and there is no room for you in my life.  We had some good times but I am moving on.’  I order a green tea (or the occasional small coffee) and I am happier than ever before.  The long-term buzz of making a good decision overrides the short high of a sugary treat.  My bad habits are dissolving and new healthy ones are being nurtured.

I’m encouraged to try new activities that are suitable for my dosha.  If someone told me last year that I would be going to Zumba every week, I would have laughed.  Now I can’t wait for my next class!

Since completing the course and continuing my practice, I have lost 20 pounds.  I had actually forgotten about my weight loss goal.  I was so focused on this uplifting journey I hardly noticed the pounds coming off.  Weight loss became a welcome result of my personal life transformation.  The more I practice, the more I learn to love and embrace my whole being.  On this journey I have gained more will power than I ever imagined. I feel lighter, stronger and happier and prepared to overcome obstacles.  I am practicing and living an effective lifestyle system that really works.

Making the decision to change my lifestyle and learning to accept myself made this journey possible. I am thankful for these opportunities that help guide me through a long and happy life.


Debbie Fowler
From Coach To Zumba - A Transformation Story by Debbie Fowler | DoshaFit®Canadian born, Debbie, had yogic influences around most of her life, yet only discovered her love of yoga while visiting India in 2006. She originally trained under the guidance of her first guru, an extraordinary teacher, Shiva Nand-ji, on Patnem beach, Goa. Encouraged by family, friends and swami-ji, Debbie embarked on a life changing experience, following ‘shiva power’ to the foothills of the Himalays in northern India. In 2008 she received her teacher training at the Sivananda ashram in Netala. Sivananda’s teacher training course was a profound experience for Debbie, motivating her to guide others in the hope that they too can discover the lifelong wonderful benefits of yoga practice, health, peace of mind and happiness. Debbie continues to deepen her practice by further exploring ancient yoga and ayurvedic techniques. When she can, she offers teachings in yoga asana, philosophy, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

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Claudia Richey is a Victoria, B.C. based Personal Trainer and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She is passionate about sharing her unique approach of training and eating according to ones Body-Mind Constitution with other health professionals as well as using it on an ongoing basis with her own clients to help them reach their goals!

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