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So simple, it's almost impossible NOT to follow!

Love the regular emails with advice I can really apply and make use of. I had also purchased a one-on-one coaching session with Claudia that motivated me to integrate various ayurvedic practices and yoga into my daily routine. I feel a lot better, I have way more energy, better habits, and I look forward to the wise wisdom of Claudia in my inbox on a regular basis. So simple, it's almost impossible NOT to follow her tips. She's been a gift to my wellness.

Nicole McCutcheon

"Train Right For Your Type" was easy to understand!

From Coach To Zumba - A Transformation Story by Debbie Fowler | DoshaFit®

I took an Ayurveda health educator course but only went as far as the first part.  The TR4YT course was much more digestible and aligned the information I had and made it much easier to practice and guide others.  

Debbie Fowler, RYT

A powerful approach to working out!!!

Chara Caruthers Testimonial Train Right For Your Type | DoshaFit®

Train Right For Your Type combines time-tested knowledge of our mind-body types with modern (and ancient) methods for achieving a healthy balance inside and out! An accessible and powerful approach to fitness that acknowledges the value of a holistic path to lasting wellness!!

Chara Caruthers
Bliss Body & Soul

For the first time I understand why I’ve hit a wall with losing weight..

This is the first time I’ve understood why I’ve hit a wall with losing weight. I thought it would be a huge challenge to change the lifestyle habits that were hindering my health, but because I feel so good, I’m completely motivated and it seems much easier!

Jacqueline Rimmer
JCR Studios

Practical, easy to use and fun!

Susan Seale | DoshaFit®

This program is thoughtfully created in a way that makes it easy to interact with the information so that the information is actually useable. It was fun to do the questionnaire to find out what my dosha type (vata-pitta) and then to learn how easy it would be to create a shopping list afterward to feed my body with respect to my dosha type. There are many interesting nuggets of information about the psychology of eating from times of day and emotional states to how to make dietary changes successfully. These nuggets are presented in easy to absorb checklists, notes and comparative lists.

This is a practical, easy to use and fun content for those looking to make dietary and lifestyle changes so they can feel better in their bodies forever.

Susan Seale

I realize now why other plans may not work!

I am really enjoying my experience working with this unique program. Understanding my Ayurvedic Dosha helps me to feel more balanced in body, mind and spirit. I realized why other plans may not work. Now I am more mindful of the choices I make and it feels more comfortable following the right plan for me. It is more personal than most programs I have tried. It has helped me achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle, and it is never boring!

Kim Kroegstad

This program is on the cutting edge!

Leah Putnam | DoshaFit®

I believe  the “Breaking Free” program is laid out so clearly for you to develop an understanding about the relationship of the foods you eat and how your body reacts and works with those foods.  You personally learn which foods will encourage a healthier lifestyle and as a result healthier living for you.

What I found so amazing is that by following your personal lifestyle plan, your automatically shift your focus from just loosing weight to changing your life forever.

Claudia's comprehensive approach, professional integrity and enthusiasm has developed a life enhancing program that I can truly state is on the cutting edge.

With the “Breaking Free” program you will gain the skills and confidence needed in creating results that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Leah Putnam
Wholy Cancer

Claudia’s program is a brilliant guide to natural weight loss!

Darlene Liepins | DoshaFit®

I have recently had the pleasure of experiencing Claudia’s amazing commitment to “whole wellness and balance” using unconventional styles.  We both share the same passion in Ayurveda Healing.  However, Claudia has taken the principles of Ayurveda and other healing modalities and has developed an amazing tailored program for each her clients that really when embraced, does pave the way to prefect balance and ultimately perfect health.

Claudia’s recent program “Breaking Free” is a brilliant guide to natural weight loss and keeping it down.  This weight control program offers an amazing journey to healthy eating habits and more importantly healthy life style.  Unlike other diets “Breaking Free” focuses on “you are what you digest” not “you are what you eat”.  This whole body natural approach of nourishing the mind body and soul is like no other diet program I have ever seen in our society.  If you are like most of us in Western society and not really paying much attention to what we put in our bodies; I encourage you to take this journey to a healthier life with Claudia Richey you will not regret it!

Discover your divine self!

Darlene Liepins
Sattva Ayurveda

This is a new way of looking at food, a real lifestyle change!

Samantha Bourdeau Testimonial | DoshaFit®

Claudia's program has done for me what no diet plan has ever done.  It has addressed hunger and mindless snacking in such a practical way, and awakened me to the sensation of being truly full.  I know when to stop eating without having to continuously count calories, so I don't feel like I am on a diet, or being deprived.  This is a new way of looking at food, a real lifestyle change.  It has helped me establish healthy, but most importantly sustainable habits, that has jumpstarted my weight loss.  I know I will be able to continue my journey and reach my goal with the guidance  and support I have received from Claudia.

Samantha Bourdeau

This is the course I wish I had made!

DoshaFit changes the paradigm of sports and fitness training, introducing the Eastern concepts of mind-body customization, with proven Western fitness methods. As trainers, we make our living customizing exercises to fit our clients’ needs. With DoshaFit Claudia teaches us how to take it to the next level, intelligently and intuitively, to offer what no other fitness method can: Total Client Integration. It is finally refreshing to see Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle, and Supplementation coordinated under one roof, working as a functional whole rather than disjointed parts of a client’s life. This is the course I wish I had made!

Simon Chokoisky, Faculty at The Ayurvedic Institute, Author

This is innovative and practical, it makes sense and it works!

Chellan Clark | DoshaFit® Train Right For Your Type

Claudia is a professional and very committed to what she does. With creating the DoshaFit program she has really tapped in to the understanding that there are different types of people and how they respond in terms of fitness and wellbeing.  Her work is innovative and at the same time practical, it makes sense and it works.

Chellan Clark, C. Ht

Train Right for Your Type is a practical and accessible!

Train Right for Your Type is a practical and accessible introduction to the principles of Ayurveda and fitness. As a yoga teacher, I found it a complementary resource to other trainings, and immediately relevant to  my own practice as well as my work with clients!

Tamara Leigh, RYT

I’ll be able to incorporate a great deal of what I learned in my yoga classes! Thanks again!

Christina Brack | DoshaFit® Train Right For Your Type

I really enjoyed the Train Right For Your Type workshop!  The information was presented clearly, made sense, and I’ll be able to incorporate a great deal of what I learned in my regular yoga classes as well as personal consultations.  With a background in Chinese 5 Element Theory it was great to see how Ayurveda can blend with my current holistic practice.  Thanks again!

Christina Brack, Port Alberni, B.C.

This program is just what I was looking for!

Debbie Fowler | DoshaFit® Train Right For Your Type

The DoshaFit® Train Right For Your Type program is just what I was looking for.  Claudia has pleasantly combined traditional ayurvedic and yogic principles with modern day fitness training.  This well organised program explains the importance of identifying and understanding the doshas as well as how to place them into a dynamic practice and lifestyle that anyone can follow in order to reach goals, maintain fitness or simply make positive changes to everyday life.  I found the program an easy a fun way to be guided through this ancient knowledge and the information easy to digest.  Not only do I feel more confidence applying these skills in my own life, I am excited to share this valuable knowledge with others., helping them on the path of well being.

Debbie Fowler, RYT