Why I think “No Pain No Gain” is total B.S!

I felt inspired to share an article with you that was written by my friend and colleague Nicky C Jones.  We so often hear people say, No pain, No gain! This is especially true for the fitness industry. I picture boot camp instructors yelling at their clients to push through the pain: “Pain is weakness leaving the body!” I may have even seen this printed on a T-shirt or two.

Ouch, I say! While it is true that mild discomfort is a good thing when working your muscles and stretching your self-proclaimed comfort zone a little, there is no room for pain in the gym! Or the Yoga studio. Or any situation in your life.

Please enjoy Nicky’s article and feel free to respond to her questions at the end and leave a comment below the post! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Why I think “No Pain No Gain” is total B.S! by Nicky C. Jones | DoshaFit®


Why I think “No Pain No Gain” is total B.S!

For whatever reason, the philosophy “No Pain No Gain” keeps coming up in various areas in my life.Perhaps it’s the Universe’ way of telling me that I have to write this .In our culture, this simple, but horrifying little sentence comes up all the time! And, because of it’s commonness, we often forget to question it’s validity and even worse have it programmed in our deep unconscious just waiting to reek havoc on our lives! I know, a little dramatic! But, its SO true!Why?Pain is our bodies way of telling us to back off!  Or perhaps better put, pain is not good. It is there to encourage you to move away from harmful situations and to protect painful areas so that they can be healed.In my classes if often prompt my students to move to the area between effort and ease. One of my teacher’s explains this as the area of “pleasurable discomfort“. This is the sweet spot where the magic happens. The word “pleasurable” here is key. Pain is not good.This is not only true in the physical body. But, also in the emotional body.Emotional pain is there as a marker that it is time to back off and be gentle on oneself. Pushing through is not the goal.

Kindness and Compassion are.  

It is in this energy that healing happens.

One of my favourite quotes is: “Treat yourself as you would treat a 5 year old child that you adore. You deserve the compassion you give to others”.

I invite you to listen to your body-being and notice if there are any painful sensations. Bring in the qualities of kindness and love.

Be gentle on yourself. And notice how this shifts your energy. 

Deep down, I bet you already know this, I just thought I’d give you a friendly reminder. I know I need one every once in a while…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment below.

  • Where do you feel pain in your body-being?

  • How can you be gentler on yourself in regards to this?


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Nicky C. Jones B.Ed, YTT
Why I think “No Pain No Gain” is total B.S! by Nicky C Jones | DoshaFit®After losing her boyfriend to cancer and her mother to suicide within a 13 month period, Nicky was stricken by how little support there was for her. She felt desperately alone, like no one really got it and unable to grieve authentically. Because of this she is on a mission to hold a safe space for women who are grieving while offering them tools to soften their symptoms in the most self-loving and holistic way possible. Using proven Yogic healing methodology, Nicky has developed a one-on-one Yoga Inspired Grief Coaching Program that works to heal grief on the five layers of the body-being (physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) which inspired her E-book “6 Steps to Soften the Symptoms of Grief” which is offered for free on her website. Nicky holds a Bachelor’s of Education and is a skilled, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, energy worker and Thai massage practitioner who wants nothing more than to lift the stigma of grief in our society one beautiful woman at a time. Please visit Nicky’s website for instant access to her ebook plus free tips and tools to help you make peace with grief! www.NickyCJones.com. And, get daily inspiration by following her on Facebook!


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