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The Tools to Help You Create a Thriving and Fulfilling Yoga Business!

Discover how you can create a thriving business doing what you love. Market your Yoga Business in a fun and authentic way. Let Your Creativity & Passion shine while giving you clients exactly what they want!

Yoga Business School will teach you new ways to take your Successful Yoga Biz from wishful thinking to Creation!

yoga-business-school-claudia-richeyNamaste Lovely Yoga Teacher,  do you know the difference between you and the hundreds and thousands of other Yoga Teachers right at this moment?

You are actively looking to stand out, to create a thriving business teaching yoga. You are HERE!

I don’t need to bore you with statistics on how many Yoga teachers graduate every week in North America, and this isn’t just true for America, but around the globe.

In a city of 10,000 people I counted 78 Yoga teachers and at least 3 Yoga Studios offering Yoga Teacher Training.


What does that mean? It means that 80% if not more of these certified Yoga Teachers won’t be teaching Yoga. Or at least won’t be able to make a living teaching Yoga.

And isn’t that the dream, making a good living doing what you love most? Creating a thriving business sharing your yoga with the world?


It’s time to think outside the box!

You find yourself running all over town from class to class and you can still barely make a living

You feel you have so much more to offer if you could just reach more people

You are stunned how some famous Yoga Entrepreneurs can be so successful while you are dreaming of the Yoga lifestyle and can’t seem to get out of a rut

You simply lack the technical knowledge to get in front of the RIGHT student so you can share your gifts

Do you dream of being location independent and traveling the world while teaching Yoga and adding value to a growing community?

You teach a very specific style of Yoga, or serve a specific person, and have no idea where to find the right students and how to get them engaged

And that’s why I created Yoga Business School!


What is Yoga Business School?

In this program you will learn:

  1. How to build a unique and authentic business.
  2. How to find the clients you really want to work with and give them exactly what they want.
  3. And how to  market your services in an ethical and sustainable way.


It’s not about re-inventing the wheel. It’s about using the knowledge of real-life successful entrepreneurs and applying it to your Yoga Business so you too can thrive!


The program is divided into 5 Modules that create a clear Roadmap for you to follow to

  • Help you make a difference for the clients/students you want to work with
  • Step out of being an employed, or rather un-employed, Yoga Teacher and build your own Yoga Business
  • Create Yoga programs that will set you apart in a busy market
  • Learn how to create an online presence that rocks and even take your Yoga biz on the road teaching online
  • Market with integrity and without stress
  • And many other resources that enable you to be gainful rather then resentful.


You are in the right place. You are about to discover a roadmap to your Thriving Yoga Business Success and I want to be your tour guide.

Every Module comes with different types of media to accommodate a well rounded environment for learning styles!

Video, Audio, and PDF handouts will be provided. You will also find action steps to take after each new module so you can implement what you’ve learned right away. You will have homework to do on your own and we will have a weekly group call to check in, mastermind, and get your questions answered!

Yoga Business School

Yoga Business School is recognized for 15 non-contact Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance

Here is what’s waiting for you in the course:

Om Gum Ganapataye namaha

Enrol now in the YOGA BUSINESS SCHOOL Core program to get the tools that help you build a successful and sustainable business teaching Yoga!

Enrol in the YOGA BUSINESS SCHOOL Core Program and get the 5 Core Modules of YOGA BUSINESS SCHOOL to help you build your Yoga business! 

This is the plan for you:

One Single Payment of $297

(Money should never stand in the way of learning. Partial scholarships are available for those in need of a little help. Read the scholarship guidelines and fill out the application form if you wish to apply for assistance.)

Yoga Business School is entirely hands-on and actionable. Each week you will receive a new module to work on and master before the next module is released.

The course material is delivered in Video and PDF format with resources and handouts to download and print to work with on your own time.

satisfaction-guarantee I stand behind this program and your success and I truly want you to be 100% satisfied with what Yoga Business School has to offer you. I’m completely confident that you will be. But let me remove any doubt you might have when making this decision. I am confident that you will be able to learn, fill in the blanks, mastermind and truly grow your business and yourself in Yoga Business School. But if you are not 100% happy with the program I will refund your investment (payments that have been paid to that point) according to our refund policy. All you have to do is submit your completed course work and homework assignments and your refund request. I’m whole heartedly looking forward to working with you and guiding you toward your Thriving Yoga Business!

Enrol now in the  YOGA BUSINESS SCHOOL Core Program.

You get full access to all 5 Modules of Yoga Business School!

Yes, that’s me! -I’ll Pay One Single Payment of $297

(Money should never stand in the way of learning. Partial scholarships are available for those in need of a little help. Read the scholarship guidelines and fill out the application form if you wish to apply for assistance.)

Yoga Business School is for you if

  • You have a vision for your Yoga business and no idea how to get there
  • You know you are a great Yoga teacher but you lack the technical skills and confidence to put your ideas and programs out there
  • You are an expert in other things and don’t quite know how to make Yoga part of it so you can teach what you really love to the right student
  • You are an entrepreneur by heart but find yourself trading time for money running from class to class and still not making the living you want


This program may NOT be for you

  • If you own a Yoga studio, have employees and already have a business plan in place
  • If you already have all your marketing ducks in a row
  • If you are perfectly happy with where your Yoga business is at the moment, why change a good thing?
  • If you are not willing to put some work into creating a thriving Yoga business so you can have a fulfilling life doing exactly what you love to do


The Thriving Yogi Business School for Yoga Teachers offers private mentoring, workshops and group trainings to help yoga teachers enhance their business and marketing skills so they can create a thriving and fulfilling business and life with confidence.

Claudia Richey is the founder of “DoshaFit® Ayurvedic Fitness Education” and “Yoga And Smoothies – Vibrant Nutrition for a Yogic Lifestyle”.  She has created an environment for transformation and growth for her students and wishes to teach others to do the same.