Ayurveda and Fitness Coaching offers solutions that give you powerful tools to use with nutrition, Yoga and Exercise that you can work into your busy life!

Are Your Living Right For Your Type?

It can be a little difficult trying to figure everything out on your own: 


Ayurveda, Yoga and Fitness Coaching | DoshaFit®How do I exercise to get results?

What should I eat to lose weight?

What if I’ve tried everything but don’t get results?


That’s why performance athletes have trainers, coaches, physical therapists and nutritionists on their support team. Without these people they wouldn’t know how to go about reaching their goals either, or may just not be able to get the success they are after.

Now, I know that high athletic performance may not be the top of your list of concerns.  It’s not mine either.

As a trainer and coach I most commonly work with people just like you, who want to get in better health, in better shape. They may be dealing with weight issues or simply don’t know how to go about exercise, workouts, Yoga, in a way that will give them results. 

You may also have heard about, or even worked with the Ayurvedic healing system, but you are not quite sure how to put it into action and to good use for yourself.


Confusing as all this can be, a little guidance along the way can make all the difference in how successful your outcome is!


That’s where I want to jump in and offer a helping hand.

I’ve been using the Ayurvedic approach in my life, with my diet and my exercise programs for a long time.

See, I’ve struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other health issues that make it difficult to find one approach that covers all my bases and still give me results.

I used to be confused even which style of Yoga is best for me, or which poses to select in my own home practice, not even talking about finding the right way to workout that didn’t leave me wanting for more, yet didn’t burn me out either.

Ayurveda has offered solutions for me that made me flexible and gave me powerful tools to use with my nutrition, Yoga and training that I’m able to adjust and work into my busy life.

 It’s done the same for my clients. And it can help you too!

Let me help you, take the guess work out of what you are currently doing.



What can I expect?