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Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayus=Life Veda=Science. As Yoga’s sister science it had a slower start in our wester hemisphere but is gaining in popularity every day.

For good reason. Ayurveda works. It differs from conventional healing methods in that it sees each person as an individual. For example in Ayurveda we differentiate between no less then 20 different types of diabetes whereas in western medicine we know three types of diabetes which are then approached with the same plan of treatment for each type.

In this system every person is seen as an individual and the approach is often multi-layered which makes it so effective. Ayurveda is a real-life and unique approach to balance body, mind and spirit through lifestyle adjustments, diet, exercise, herbs and meditative techniques.


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Ayurvedic Consultation

45 min/$75

60 min/$95


Vedic Astrology/Dharma Type Reading 

45 min/$95

60 min/$108

Astrocartography reading: 20 min/$45

Birth Sound and Mantra: 30min/$65


Customized Mantra & Mala Package

$297 (After coupon. Please visit for details and to order)

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