Dosha Quiz – Find Out Your Ayurvedic Constitution 

ayurveda-quizTo find your Body-Mind Constitution means to know which foods and what type of exercise will support your wellness goals. Even different styles of Yoga may have a certain effect on you depending on which type you are.

A Kapha type will benefits from a vigorous flow class or hot yoga, whereas a Vata type may reap more benefit from a Hatha or Yin Yoga class.

This applies to all kinds of physical activity, the way you eat, even the way you interact with the world around you.  For example some types of exercises will work better for one type and not at all for another, even adjusting the time of day you exercise, intensity or style will give completely different results!

To live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, to eat and exercise right for your specific make-up, it is important to know which elements our body-mind is made up of and what our pre-dominant Dosha is.

If you are curious which type you are, Vata, Pitta or Kapha, and how that effects the way you eat and move, take the quiz below and find out!

After reading each description, select the option that MOST applies to you using the buttons provided. Just hit submit to get instant access to your quiz results! No sign-up required!

Refer to this guide for your frame size (questions 7):  Body Frame Chart | DoshaFit®