The DoshaFit® Transformation – Get Your Full Body Bliss On!

Have you forgotten what it feels like to love your body?

If you are too embarrassed to go to the gym, don’t know how to eat to lose weight with all the conflicting information out there, and have forgotten what it feels like to really love your body, do the DoshaFit® Transformation with me!

I know how easy it is to gain weight, get out of shape, lose your healthy daily routines, and not knowing where to even begin to get back in shape, look great and feel even better!  I have dealt with these issues myself and have come out on the other side, feeling energetic, being at my ideal weight and being an overall happier person.

Because I know how you feel, and I truly want to offer my services to help you, I am offering you a FREE 30 minute DoshaFit® Transformation Goal Setting session to help you clarify your vision and goals for your ideal weight and shape, set key milestones that will let you know you’re getting results, and uncover any hidden obstacles that could sabotage your success. You’ll leave the session with renewed clarity, inspiration, and the motivation to move forward!

If you want to successfully implement the behaviours that will help you get in shape, gain energy, and lose weight, I will support you and help you make it a reality!

What is The DoshaFit® Body Transformation?

This program is the next best thing to having your own personal trainer.

It comes in a distant learning/online format!

Step 1: You sit back while I get to work for you. I’ll create an exercise and nutrition program tailored to your goals and your body-mind type, so personalized that literally no two people will get the results you will see.

Step 2: We get to work together! We meet by phone or Skype once every week. I will guide you on your journey to make sure you will be successful in achieving your goals.

This is as important to me as it is to you. Think about it: I am putting my reputation on the line. I have full trust and confidence that you can climb that mountain to success and get your spark back working with me!

The Details:

The (10 week ) DoshaFit® Body Transformation is only $897!

Did You Know?

80% of all self-directed programs are abandoned and fail within the first 4 weeks!

Does this surprise you?  It’s a fact!

That’s why most online programs don’t work. They are affordable and well created and intended, but all the technical awesomeness doesn’t do you any good if you don’t use it, stick with it, and make it your way of life! Ultimately you are throwing money out the window.

The DoshaFit® Body Transformation is more expensive because you are not just getting a meal plan or an exercise plan to follow. You get ME! Working with you side by side to keep you inspired and motivated and give you the tools and show you the behaviours to implement that will work for YOU!

I will be your real life personal trainer and nutrition coach and help you make healthy choices your New Way Of Life!




Fit woman




doshafit_jcrstudios_hires-8460Learn weight management skills based on Ayurvedic and Yogic Principles that can truly help you take the first step toward the freedom that comes with waking up energized in the morning and loving the way you look.  It’s time to claim your active life back and truly enjoy who you are!

I hope you will join me on this call so I can shed some light on some of the challenges and obstacles that are keeping your from getting the health and fitness results you want!

Because you deserve a Healthy Body and a Happy Mind!

In Health,


Claudia Richey