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Many people love Hummus but have a really hard time digesting it. One reason can be that you are sensitive to an ingredient, usually fillers or preservatives, if the Hummus is store bought. No garlic hummus can be difficult to find.

Another reason may be that you are sensitive to the Garbanzo Beans, or Chick Peas, that are traditionally used in Hummus.

Or maybe you are sensitive to Garlic.

In Ayurveda Garlic is praised for its Rasayana, rejuvenating, qualities and which make it a desired food.

In the West we know Garlic for it’s anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Yet an increasing number of people seem to be developing sensitivities and adverse reactions to Garlic, which can range from light-headedness and skin rashes to more severe reactions such as nausea, vomiting, hot flashes and digestive issues like diarrhoea.

Apart from these physical reactions, Garlic in the Yogic system, is often avoided as it increases Rajas, the quality that can make our mind overactive and give us grief falling asleep. It is often suggested to avoid garlic before meditation or in (Vata) anxiety disorders.

For those who want to, or have to, avoid garlic but really enjoy a good Hummus, here is a recipe to the rescue.

The traditionally used Garlic in this recipe has been replaced with Leek, which is much milder in action then Garlic yet still gives the Hummus enough of a pungent quality for you to enjoy as a dip or spread with your favourite raw or steamed veggies or crackers.

Sattvic No Garlic Hummus

Sattvic No Garlic Hummus | DoshaFit®1 cup cooked, or 1 cup canned Chick Peas

2 tbsp Tahini

2 tbsp finely chopped Leek (white and green parts)

1 small Red Chili

1 heaping tsp Cumin Seed Powder

1 tsp Sea Salt

¼ Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice

1 tbsp finely chopped Chives

1 tbsp finely chopped Parsley

Small pinch of Hing (Asafoetida, use very little, a small amount goes far)

3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Put all ingredients in a food processor or Vitamix and process until you get to the desired consistency (about 40 sec in Vitamix). If using a food processor, chop the herbs and Leek very finely so you don’t end up with chunky Hummus. Add a little water if you like your Hummus more like a dressing or dip.

Not only does this Garlic-free Hummus taste just as delicious as it’s traditional cousin, it is also much kinder to eat before your Yoga class where the odor of Garlic breath may otherwise cause your fellow class members to have rather un-yogic thoughts.


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Claudia Richey is a Victoria, B.C. based Personal Trainer and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She is passionate about sharing her unique approach of training and eating according to ones Body-Mind Constitution with other health professionals as well as using it on an ongoing basis with her own clients to help them reach their goals!